Summer Wigs Are Launching Soon.


All previous products will be unavailable for purchase until after our summer line of afro and curly wigs is released on June 26, 2021. Our new line of wigs will be available for purchase at 12 pm EST. Click on the images below to view the wigs that will be available.

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What is Quirkiesque?

Quirkiesque is a lifestyle brand for alternative women. Being an alternative girl doesn't necesarily mean that you wear black all the time. Being alternative just means that you don't fit into a bubble. Quirkiesque is a community for colorful magical girls who love expressing themselves through hair and makeup, whether you enjoy cosplay or live like a princess or fairy. 

The goal of Quirkiesque is to help our magical sisters become the version of themselves that lives in their head. We provide hair extensions and wigs. In the future we will also offer one of a kind cosmetics and haircare products created by our owner, and Cosmetic Chemist in training, Sanley. If you would like to have a behind the scene look of the new products being created, check out our blog and Instagram.

Lauren Large Parting Lace Front Wig

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