Top 10 Hairstyles Love Is Blind Star Lauren Speed Has Graced Us With... So Far

It’s been a few weeks since the reunion of the Hit Netflix Show Love Is Blind, and guess who we at Quirkiesque have been geeking over since day one? 

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It’s not a surprise that Auntie Lauren and Uncle Cameron have captured the hearts of millions of people! They are seriously the cutest couple ever! And the way Mr. Hamilton stares at his new Mrs. Hamilton has got our hearts in a tizzy!


Like look at how much he adores this woman! #MyFutureHubbyBetterLookAtMeLikeThisOrIAmReturningHimToHisMama

But today is not about gushing over Cameron and Lauren’s relationship! No, no, no. Today is all about Lauren, more specifically Auntie Lauren Speed Hamilton’s iconic must try hairstyles!

This woman is forever decked out from top to bottom in the most fashionable outfits, so it is very fitting that her hairstyles must reflect the classy lady that she is!

She is the definition of the woman I aspire to look like in the next year!

Look #1 - Wedding Day Curls

 Have to start this list off with the moment many of us waited for… the I do’s. Lauren’s hair was so pretty for her wedding. She wore hair extensions with some soft curls. This hairstyle is very pretty, and personally I wouldn’t just wear it for my wedding day. Curls are a way of life!

Look #2 - Bouncy Shoulder Length Curls


Lauren looks flawless even when uncomfortable Jessica drama comes up. Her shoulder length bouncy hair cut is giving us the much needed life we need after a hard day of work. Those perfectly placed curls are dare I say it, PERFECT.

 To get a similar hairstyle try either a partial sew in or upart wig with the front perimeter out. Use 2.5 or 3 bundles of Virgin or Raw human hair in 12 inches or 14 inches for added thickness. Do a blunt cut to about collar bone length and put some heavy face framing layers. Also try using a 1 inch - 1.5 inch barrel curling iron. 

 Look #3 - Braids For Days


Box braids are a black girl’s staple hairstyle and Lauren is wearing them with all the #BlackGirlMagic needed for a lifetime. Waist length box braids are here and they better never leave!! Even if one day they become out of style, I will continue to rock them. 

 Look #4 - Birthday Hair Ponytail

This spicy ponytail with curls is a lewk that every girl needs to try. It looks like she plaited the sides into a sleek ponytail and wrapped some virgin straight or wavy wefted extensions around her natural bun. The pony looks really thick, so she might have 1.5-2 bundles of 18 or 20 inch wefted extensions. And she added a braided detail at the base of the pony to probably hide the seams created by the faux ponytail.

Look #5 - A Curly Fro

 Lauren’s curly fro has to by far be my favorite style! She looks so cute and effortlessly put together. A similar look can be created using bantu knots or possibly flexi rods. 


Look # 6 - Cornrows  

Lauren is giving us Chocolate bar vibes in the city! Her skin is absolutely stunning and her cornrows are done to perfection.  

Look #7 - Space Buns + Bangs


What can be better than space buns and bangs? Well anything that involves Lauren and Cameron! Lauren looks absolutely adorable in this hairstyle. This is one look that I will be replicating soon.  

Look #8 - Thick Head Of Natural Hair Straightened and Curled 

Looks like Lauren is sans hair extensions, and we are living for it. Her natural hair in any style she wears is magnificent. If you want this hairstyle then you are going to have to make sure that you are using products to keep your hair moisturized and strong. Ohh, and don’t forget to clip dead ends because split ends and single stranded knots are going to cause more split ends and knots. Get rid of them ASAP. 

If you have naturally thin, then try some thickening hair products. If that doesn’t work, use hair extensions that are cut to the same length as your hair for some added thickness. Do a partial sew in with a few tracks, you want this to look as natural as possible.

Look #9 - A Messy Top Knot 


I love how Lauren can be effortlessly gorgeous, and you can too! On those busy days or when WWIII is happening in front of mirror, you can go for a messy top knot.  

Look #10 - A Saucy That’s So 70s Fro

 Foxy Cleopatra might need to take a seat for this one! Lauren is bringing all the 70s feels and we are living for it!  

Lauren is the fashionista who will keep serving us lewks! Make sure to follow her, and Cameron, on their social media to keep up with them. 

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    I have not watched this show yet but have heard countless praises of this woman! She is beautiful and love her hair styles.

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