Why won't my hair grow?

I have been in the hair care and beauty realm for many years now, and the question that I get constantly is "Why is my hair not growing?"

Well in fact, hair is always growing! Hair grows an average of half an inch each month. The reason why it looks like your hair is not growing is due to many factors. Today I'm going to tell you the 4 biggest reasons as to why your hair is not growing, or looking like it is growing.

Your Hair Is Dry
Dry hair can be like the devil to your hair growth progress. The ends of your hair are the oldest portion, so they need the most moisture. When you're not moisturizing your hair the ends become try and brittle and they break off.

You should be adding moisture to your hair every week with a deep conditioning treatment. throughout the week you should be moisturizing your hair with some type of water-based moisturizer. Curlier and thicker hair types require being moisturised more frequently, I will suggest every other day. However straighter and thinner hairstyles can get away with being moisturised once a week in addition to the deep conditioning.

Split Ends and Single Strand Knots
I hate split ends, but I hate single stranded if not more. I have very curly and thick hair so I am prone to getting single strand knots. If you do not know, a single strand knot is when the hair twists on itself to create a knot.

But there are a few solutions to reducing the amount of split ends and single strand knots that you get. You should be moisturizing your hair, as well as protecting it while you sleep or lounge around the house. Get a satin scarf or a satin pillowcase to use while you are sleeping. This reduces the friction between the hair and the surrounding area, so that the hair does not end up getting more unnecessary damage.

Poor Diet
You are what you eat, literally. When you do not eat healthy foods or enough food high in vitamins and minerals your body does not function optimally. your body is trying to suck up as many minerals and vitamins that it can, leaving little to none to reach your hair to give it the nutrients that it needs.

You should add lots of greens into your diet and some proteins. You can also take supplementary diet pills, like iron, biotin, or any type of multivitamin bottle.

Poor Hair Care Regimen
Many people think that just washing their hair and using a quick conditioner is enough to keep the health of their hair. This is a fallacy. Our hair is fragile and needs some TLC, plus the added time can help us relax from our stressful lives.

You need to figure out what types of products your hair likes. Start off with a sulfate free shampoo and a conditioner that provides a lot of slip to your hair. Then you should get a deep conditioning mask that you use every week. A protein deep conditioning mask is also beneficial and can it be used every other week or once a month depending on your hair type. Also find a good leave in conditioner as well as an oil or serum to lock in all the extra moisture that you are putting into your hair throughout the week.

To help in the growth of your hair you can use extensions and wigs. I'Kna Beauty provides a variety of extension types that can be used to help you while you are growing out your hair.

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