Hair Quality

Quirkiesque prides itself in providing high quality raw and virgin human hair on the market. Our hair extensions have intact cuticles that are aligned in the same direction as they were when cut off in the ponytail. This means that Quirkiesque hair extensions will have significantly less tangles than that of conventional hair extensions.

Quirkiesque hair extensions are hand selected from the highest quality virgin ponytail (hair that has never been chemically colored or processed). Each bundle of our hair goes through a manual quality checked by our team of experts. Quirkiesque hair extensions stand out from the rest as they are made with high quality cuticle aligned raw and virgin human hair. This means our extensions last longer, have a luxurious texture with natural elasticity and a beautiful shine.

There is a plethora of "Virgin" and "Remy" hair companies available, but they are not handled in a way that provides quality hair to the consumer. A hair company may use the label "virgin hair" because the hair has never been chemically processed, however that does not insure quality of the hair. There a some companies who use waste hair (hair off the floor) and repackage it as virgin hair or give it an acid bath to call it remy hair. These types of hair extensions either do not have the hair cuticles aligned or the the cuticles were stripped away. These extensions tend to cost less, but the health and quality of the hair has also decreased causing tangling and matting.
Quirkiesque does not use waste hair nor do we strip the cuticles off the hair. You will get quality hair extensions with every purchase.